Support-Admin @ 12 March 2020


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Owing to the recent escalation of the Covid-19 virus, we have been receiving a significant increase in support tickets to our Helpdesk

As a result, we are currently prioritising support to our health care and health related clients.

This is unprecedented, and we ask all of our clients to bear with us, at this time

12th March, 2020

Support-Admin @ 09 January 2019

Helpdesk Ticket Priority

When opening a new support ticket, one of the fields is "Priority" which offers the following options:

  • Low
  • Medium
  • High
  • Urgent
  • Emergency
  • Critical

The default setting for "Priority" on new tickets is "Medium".

It has come to our attention that a (small) number of clients assign "Critical" to many of their new tickets.

Whilst tickets marked as "Emergency" or "Critical" will be given priority over a lower ranked ticket, it is important to stress that "Critical" and "Emergency" should ONLY be assigned to tickets where:

  • website is offline/not loading
  • website has been attacked/hacked
  • email has ceased functioning (where provided by C Me Online Ltd)

Assigning "Emergency" or "Critical" to support tickets that are requesting content changes should be avoided AT ALL COSTS.

From January 2019, any tickets flagged as "Emergency" or "Critical" that pertain to content changes/amendments/additions will be de-prioritised by Tech Support accordingly. Should any client continue to flag tickets in this regard, they will be notified accordingly.

We provide support to over 700 clients, and this service cannot and must not be abused.

Support-Admin @ 30 March 2018



European data protection regulations have been passed for consumer data before, but GDPR – for the first time – includes significant financial penalties if companies fail to protect that collected data. This only re-enforces the need to adhere to GDPR compliance.

At C Me Online, we can provide full GDPR services for your business, ensuring you are fully compliant by the enforcement date (25th May 2018).

Feel free to contact us for more information

Support-Admin @ 27 December 2015

New Client Support Helpdesk

From January 11th 2016, all C Me Online client support will be managed via our new Helpdesk system (this portal!). This system is ONLY AVAILABLE to clients of C Me Online Limited, with an active Service-Level Agreement (SLA) in place.

When opening a support ticket, please provide as much information as is possible, and attach screenshots, relevant files etc., where necessary. Please do not open more than one ticket pertaining to the same problem/issue, as these will be disregarded.

This new support portal will speed up response time and ensure that technical support issues are dealt with effectively and in a timely manner.